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  • Moving is a massive life event. Finding and purchasing a home is only half the equation. Selling your former residence is the other. Attracting buyers and securing the best price requires presenting your property in the best context at your open house. Here are some actions you can take so your showings have superior optics.


    Buyers start forming opinions the moment they arrive. Their first impressions need to be positive. Start by clearing lawns of branches and leaves. If you have children or pets that play outdoors, remove their toys from view.

    The smell of freshly mowed grass sparks familial memories. Hire a professional to create the best lawn appearance, or save a dollar by tackling the job yourself. For safety's sake, wear closed-toed shoes and sunglasses when necessary.

    Eye-catching plants are a savvy method of generating visual appeal. Line entrance walkways and backyard paths with vibrant bulbs. Select your flora carefully. Choose durable plants built to withstand the climate. Alternatively, use imitation fauna that cannot die. You might be shocked at how real pretend plants look.

    Decluttering, Cleaning, and Organizing

    Inside spaces must be free of disarray. It is common for people to amass tons of junk over the years, though it’s easier to manage if you invest time in organizing spaces like your home office on the front end. Sorting through it all is an unappealing task. Effective downsizing only requires a positive mental attitude and savvy approach.

    The next step is sanitizing. Mop, sweep, and dust like you never have before. It might be worth hiring a house cleaning service to do the work for you, thus freeing you to focus on other aspects of your listing.

    Organize the remaining items for attractiveness during walkthroughs and in photos. Hire a design professional to assist with the task should you lack a creative eye. One way of tidying your space is by redoing closets. Create shelving that accommodates storage bins of varying sizes, giving places for items big and small.


    Make sure nothing leaves the impression that you're still living in the home; visitors must be able to picture themselves inhabiting the space. Remove family photos. When this exposes a nail, replace the absent portrait with a seasonal piece of artwork by a local artisan.

    Most buyers will not have the same hobbies as you. Now is the time to take away your superhero figurine collection or cross-stitching materials. If you're not ready to bring these items into your new residence, place them in a storage unit. Set an alert on your phone for when you want to retrieve your belongings.

    Finishing Touches

    Simple techniques can make an enormous difference. Lift the blinds and let in as much light as possible; sunrays make rooms look bigger and have a positive psychological impact. Add pleasant smells by lighting candles or using potpourri. Consider offering fresh-baked cookies or muffins to visitors, as their presence imbues a sense of home.

    Staging is an important variable affecting what bids you receive. Following these practices is bound to help make a sale.

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